Nursing Jobs in Portland OR

Nurses are more vital now than ever in the midst of this pandemic when hospitals are packed, which means that there are many nursing opportunities available. You could be wondering where your professional path will take you if you’ve just graduated or are about to graduate. A healthcare employment agency in Tualatin, OR is here with five nursing jobs that are in high demand and may offer you a great salary right away. 

The first on our list is a Registered Nurse. If you want to name the most well-known nurses, start with registered nurses (RNs). There are several options for becoming an RN, and no matter where you look, they remain in great demand. They do, however, require you to pass the boards to be fully registered. Even so, it is a popular position with decent wages from the start. 

When you move away from the RN, which is a jack-of-all-trades nurse in nature, we enter more specialized areas of nursing. This brings us to the second hottest nursing job right now which is a Cardiac Nurse. These nurses work in cardiac healthcare and care specifically which requires a more advanced degree and subsequently has top-tier salaries. 

Digging deeper into the different areas of hospitals brings us to the third nursing job on our list, a Critical Care Nurse. These nurses work primarily with individuals in the intensive care unit (ICU) who are very ill or severely unstable. In order to become a critical care nurse, you must earn a degree in nursing, hold both your RN certification as well as a life support certification, and have a few years’ worths of experience as a regular nurse under your belt. 

Next up, we have a Clinical Nurse Specialist, which is one of the most specialized nursing jobs available. For good reason, this profession is highly regarded as it requires graduate-level education and involves leadership responsibilities. Additionally, clinical nurse specialists have certain areas of focus that can range from patient populations to specific forms of patient care.  

Finally, the fifth nursing job on our list is a Family Nurse Practitioner. These nurses deal with patients outside the hospital in a family medical practice instead. Lacking the more hectic nature of a hospital, working as a family nurse practitioner allows for a more flexible schedule while also dealing with a diverse list of patients.  

As you can see, there are many nursing jobs that are in high demand right now. You’re sure to find the perfect job for you with great pay and benefits if you choose one of these positions for your next career move. Reach out to Express Healthcare Professionals to help you find the perfect nursing or medical behavioral technician job today! 

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