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This past month contained a lot of celebrations for nurses. Nurses Week took place from May 6 through May 12 and recognized nurses for all of their hard work in taking care of people. Many people do not take into account the long hours given and the amount of stress that the job puts onto nurses. Express Healthcare Professionals, one of the leading nursing agencies in Portland, OR, helps provides RN jobs and realizes all of the obstacles nurses go through in their amazing day to day schedules.

History of Nursing

Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing, and every year, Nurses Week ends with International Nurses Day (which is on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday). Florence was also considered “The Lady with the Lamp” as she went about helping wounded soldiers in the Crimean War. From there, she introduced significant hygiene and sanitation practices for nursing in hospitals because of what she encountered at the military hospital. These sanitation practices led to our practices in hospitals now which has helped improved the career field and the importance of nursing.

Why Are Nurses Valued?

Nurses are valued for many reasons, but they are mainly valued for their trustworthiness, interaction with patients, and extensive knowledge within the field. Nurses have built a trustworthy relationship with patients and they must follow a code of ethics. Nurses are held to a higher standard than most professionals. They interact with patients the most out of all the hospital staff and help people understand everything using more general hospital terms. Patients know that a nurse will take the time to explain everything and answer all of their questions. Nurses also have a vast knowledge of the nursing field. They spend a great deal of time in school and are tested extensively before beginning RN jobs in Portland or seeking work through nursing agencies. They are put through a state test in order to provide the public with the best healthcare and knowledge possible and move on to a nursing job at a hospital, clinic, or through nursing agencies.

What Nurses Do and Why We Need Them

Nurses have several tasks but they mainly take care of the patients by giving them clean necessities and administering medication. They make their rounds with a smile and boost everyone’s mood. They must learn new technology and still be able to provide the best healthcare education to patients. We need nurses in order to keep the hospital running. Nurses do so much in helping the doctor from cleaning and treating wounds to checking vital signs. They can calm us down in a time of anxiety and speak to our families during a tragic time. They provide us with the knowledge on how to take care of ourselves after we have left the hospital. We can now view a nurse as more than just a nurse.

We celebrate Nurses Week in order to make people aware of the role that nurses have in our society. Nurses have an incredible role and must think quickly yet critically in order to complete their nursing careers. It is important to remember that they know what is best when it comes to our health, so we should not take them for granted. Nursing agencies that provide several types of nursing jobscelebrated this year and made people aware of the role nurses have. It is important for us to realize that RN jobs in Portland, OR, are not a piece of cake or something to neglect.

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