Surprise REASSIGNMENT! What do You do?
When you join Express Healthcare Professionals (EHP) you are credentialed by your professional title such as Registered Nurse (RN), Nurse Aide, or Physical Therapist etc. as well as by your work specialty. For example, if you are a RN your work history and competency testing were tailored specifically to the areas in which you were trained and experienced, such medical-surgical or intensive care (ICU).

As a healthcare worker you are responsible for knowing what areas of healthcare you are qualified to work and what you areas you have been credentialed to work at EHP. EHP’s staff and data management systems will only assign you to sites that match your credentials.
What do you do if once you have arrived to your assigned work area, the facility supervisor informs you that you are being reassigned?
1) CLARIFY your STATUS: First inform the charge manager or supervisor of what areas you are credentialed to work in. For example: “I want to confirm that I am credentialed through EHP as a RN in medical-surgical areas (or labor-delivery or post anesthesia care or whatever your areas are).”
2) NOTIFY EHP – CALL or TEXT: As soon as possible, call EHP by phone or send a text message or to notify EHP you have reassigned out of your area of expertise. An email is not the most timely method to use. EHP has staff available 24 hours per day to receive your text or call and to respond to the situation.
EHP’s staff can then dialogue with the charge manager or supervisor to clarify your work assignment rather than you having to fend for yourself alone in a tricky situation. If the assignment is out of your credentialed work areas EHP will negotiate for you to either maintain your current assignment or to clarify the parameters of what your assignment will be in the new reassigned area. If the facility supervisor is unable to maintain your workload within your credentialed areas then it is safer for you that the assignment end for the shift, rather than find yourself trying to work in an unsafe environment.
If the reassignment is within your credentialed healthcare title and training there is no need to notify EHP until a convenient time. However, if the reassignment is outside of your expertise, contact EHP to negotiate for you. Phone or text EHP right away.
We want to provide you with the support you need and to keep you and your practice safe.