Your healthcare resume should convey your selling points, but how do you know what to include? First, your resume should reflect your skills and experience in the field, your commitment to providing quality care, and your ability to learn and grow along with your team. Whether you’re new to the field or you’re wanting to move out of your role and into something new, you can make some changes to help your resume stand out from the competition. 

Here’s how to alter your resume to get yourself into that interview seat: 

  • State your credentials: Include your degree, licenses or certifications, and any specialized training.
  • Include intern or volunteer experience: If you’re fresh out of school, you’ll want to highlight your experience, even if it wasn’t paid work. 
  • Detail your work experience: If you already have experience in the field, it’s time to get specific about your relevant skills, your accomplishments, and your responsibilities in each position. 
    • Show examples of leadership: within your work experience section, be sure to highlight and provide specific details of any relevant leadership experience. What did you lead the team to accomplish? What new initiatives or projects did you spearhead? 
    • Talk about collaboration: If you’ve worked with other professionals in the field, detail the successes that came from this collaboration.
    • Highlight transferable skills: Think about the position you desire, and underscore the skills that you think would transfer easily to this new position. 
  • Show your tech-savvy: Include a separate section that lists all of your computer or technology skills.

What About Tone?

When it comes to healthcare resumes (or any resumes, for that matter), you’ll want to use a consistent, formal tone — this means no slang, no abbreviations, and no emotional words. Talk about all of your skills, experience, and accomplishments, but avoid using boastful language as well. 

It’s Time to Apply

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