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Nurses are some of the most important people in a hospital. They are the ones who interact with patients the most, and they play a crucial role in providing care. Yet, the field is lacking diversity. A nurse staffing agency in Tualatin, OR is sharing this blog to explain why representation in nursing is important and how it benefits patients.  

There are many reasons why it’s important for nurses to represent the patients they serve. First, “patients do better and are more willing to listen to health care advice from someone who reflects their values, sense of self and culture,” stated Ernest Grant, president of the American Nurses Association and the first man ever elected to the role, in an article in U.S. News & World Report earlier this year. “Nursing has a sacred societal obligation to take care of anybody with the same human dignity and compassion. We can only do that by being representative of the society in which we have been called to serve.” 

If you are in a hospital, it is typically to have an illness diagnosed or treated, receive care after an injury, or have surgery — all of which can cause high amounts of stress. Therefore, another reason having representation in nursing is vital is because it can help decrease patient anxiety by making them feel comfortable and safe.  

According to Pew Research Center, over 40 million people currently living in America were born in another country. Accordingly, it stands to reason that those patients would need to be provided care by individuals who can communicate with them. When nurses can communicate with patients in their native language, it makes it easier for patients to understand their care and to follow any instructions from hospital staff. This leads to better outcomes because patients are more informed about their treatment plans and can be confident that they will be satisfied with the care they receive.  

To put it simply, by having representation in nursing, hospitals can improve the patient experience and create a better healthcare environment for everyone. If you are looking for healthcare career help, consider contacting Express Healthcare Professionals today.  

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