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It’s here! According to Express Healthcare Professionals, a leading provider of nursing jobs in Portland, OR, flu season has made a speedy return and is already making a negative impact on those around us. So you ask yourself, “do I need to get a flu shot this year, or can I just avoid it like I’ve done in previous years?” Big mistake, buddy! Even contemplating the idea of getting a flu shot is just wasting time as believed by a multitude of nursing agencies in Portland. Here are a few reasons why getting a flu shot this season could be the ultimate way to enjoy the holidays ahead.

Smartphone Sickness

What many people don’t know is that smartphones happen to be one of the leading causes of spreading germs and bacteria. According to the provider ofnurse staffing in Portland, smartphones have plastic, sticky surfaces that bacteria can easily stick to, transferring from your hand to your face to your mouth and eventually into your body. The staffer of nursing jobs in Portland, OR, also mentions that when we let others use our cell phones, we have the chance of contracting diseases from them as well. This is just one crucial reason to get a flu shot.

It’s Readily Available

The number two reason why you shouldn’t hesitate to get a flu shot is that it’s literally anywhere and everywhere. Flu shots are easy to come by and even offered for free in many pharmaceutical locations. So using the excuse, “I don’t know where to get a flu shot” is purely pathetic in the eyes of most nursing agencies in Portland. So grab your keys, get in your car, and speed off to the nearest flu shot provider before it’s too late!

Leave Sick Days in the Past

It’s a shame when you have to use your sick days for actually being sick. Smart people (like those who acquire a flu shot in a timely manner) use their sick days for more enjoyable experiences like traveling to exotic locations or golfing with buddies. Whether working in a typical nurse agency in Portland, a staffing company that specializes in physician placements, or a high-class Portland travel nursing agency, saving your sick days for not being sick should be a number one priority.

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