Nursing practices can change frequently, so it can be a challenge for a nurse to stay updated. Wound care updates can be very hard to stay current with from new treatments, new products, to the best medical practices for several wound types. Pressure injuries can happen in all sorts of environments such as acute care, home health, and long-term care. CNA staffing agencies in Portland want to share what nurses should know about pressure injuries.

  1. Wound care is changes constantly.

What may have worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. A great example would be the Braden Scale wound assessment which used to be done in twenty-four hours upon being admitted. Now, the wound assessment is to be done in 8 hours of being admitted.

  1. Documentation and terminology frequently change.

Not only do healthcare practices change but so does terminology. You may want to know what’s so important about staying up to date on healthcare terminology. Staying up to date helps to use the terminology that is current for charting. A great example would be the outdated term, pressure ulcers or decubitus, that is now known as a pressure injury. Also, instead of using Roman numerals for the staging system, Arabic numbers are now used.

  1. There is a healing rate for wounds.

A wound should be reduced by fifty percent in size within 3 to 4 weeks after treatment has started. If the wound hasn’t decreased in that size by that time frame, another treatment option needs consideration.

  1. You should help educate your coworkers when needed.

If you notice that wrong materials or practices being used, help educate them on what to do. Don’t judge them or approach them in an insulting way. Instead, collaborate with them and teach them the correct practices. Webinars or educational sessions can be given by the company with lunch can be a great way to help nurse staff learn the proper practices, explains Portland healthcare agencies.

  1. New products for wound care can change.

Each product will most likely have specific instructions on usage. All staff should be shown how the product should be used when there are new products on the floor.

Staying updated on pressure injuries will help give the best possible outcome for the patient.

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