The winter season is time well spent with friends and family members. Unfortunately, being around all those people can cause for germs to be spread back and forth. In order to enjoy the holidays, you want to stay as healthy as possible. Here are some tips suggested by the provider of CNA jobs in Portland, OR to help you stay well during the winter time.

  1. Frequent Hand Washing

Washing your hands with soap and water is the number one way to staying healthy. The Centers for Disease Control explains that your hands attract germs from many places. By washing your hands frequently, you can protect your body against any viruses and infections that you encounter.

  1. Sanitize

Washing your hands will only go so far. If you have family in the house that you know for sure do not feel well, wipe everything down with disinfectant to help kill the germs and avoid spreading sickness around.

  1. Dress Warm

Not only are you trying to avoid germs, but you also need to protect your body by dressing warm. When the temperature drops, you’ll want to wear a coat, hat, boots, and scarf to help protect yourself. You may even want to put on gloves as well. The heat from your body leave your head, hands, and feet first, so it’s important to keep those warm.

  1. Flu Season

Along with the winter season comes the flu season which means it is time to get the flu shot. There are all sorts of strains of the flu. If you are an elderly adult or a young child, it’s especially important that you get the flu shot as your body can better fight the flu and recover easier. If you have recently been admitted into a hospital or on any type of medicine’s that could compromise your immune system, you’ll want to get the flu vaccine as well explain healthcare agencies in Portland.

  1. Activity

It’s important to stay active in order to improve your health overall. Your body will also be stronger and able to fight off those viruses and infections and recover easier. So make sure to follow these tips to help stay healthy all winter.

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