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Nursing staffing agencies are very marketable currently, and any person who has studied the nursing profession need not doubt the availability of jobs due to the work of a nursing agency. There are certain professional nurses who do not wish to work full time, but find fulfillment working part-time. Looking for a job in such a situation may be difficult on your own, but with some assistance, a good solution is usually found. For such assistance, one only needs to find a trustworthy party to help them get a job of their dreams. There are hospital facilities or individual people who also do not need full-time assistance on nursing duties, but only require part-time nurses.

Express Healthcare Professionals

Nursing Staffing Agencies in Portland, OR are a good place to start looking for a part-time nursing opportunity for your hospital or for yourself as a part-time nurse. One of the good agencies to search from is the Express Healthcare Professionals nursing agency. Although their office is located in Tualatin, Oregon, they provide nursing job opportunities throughout the state of Oregon.

Variety of jobs available

At Express Healthcare Professionals, anyone looking for a nursing work opportunity can find options. There are a variety of options for those seeking nursing opportunities. Someone may require a per diem arrangement, which is possible here; another may require a short contractual opportunity. Other seekers look for renewed contractual opportunities, or long contracts, and these too are readily available. It is also good to note that direct hires are available for those who seek such opportunities.

Good support team

Nursing Staffing Agencies in Portland, OR like Express Healthcare Professionals have a good support team. When a potential client gets in touch to inquire about a certain service, they are guaranteed a good support that will cater to their needs. The support team also works fast; depending on the needs of the clients, whether per diem, contractual or even a direct hire.

Services offered:

Direct hires

Direct hires can be challenging, but with a great team behind a person, one can easily ace this process. Express Healthcare Professionals, when looking for direct hire opportunities; will negotiate working team, including salary reviews and negotiations. The team also assists in interview tips and assisting a person with their resume. The team has also work extensively to create a network between their clients and the seekers.

Per Diem

Per Diem means per day. Options that cater to this service include work that is paid on a daily basis. Nurses who work per diem most of the times fill in for nurses who are absent. At other times, they can work for people who need care from home like the very ill or the elderly. Here, irregular shifts are common, and anyone clinician who is uncomfortable with the timelines has a right to terminate the services.

Contractual hires

As earlier stated, there are various classes for this type of hire. One person may desire a long contract while another may desire just a short one. At other times, a nurse will need a contract that is renewable, while another will need a non-renewable contract. This service varies very deeply. Here, Nursing Staffing Agencies in Portland, OR provide a bonus upon completion, travel and insurance benefits. Other services are: a fully available and dedicated clinical support from Express Healthcare team and non-taxed packages for staff that are qualified.

It is best to seek Nursing Staffing Agency services in Portland, OR, other than the cumbersome struggle of seeking for an opportunity on your own. You will be glad you did.

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