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Express Healthcare Professionals, one of the leading nursing agencies in Portland, OR, is all about putting good people in great Portland nursing jobs. When it comes to fulfilling the demands of the healthcare industry, it’s important to have a well-trained staff ready to take on any and all obstacles. Express Healthcare believes that the Job Genius educational video series, created by Express Employment Professionals, can help the industry out a ton. Here is a little bit of information on how Job Genius works and what it can do for you!

What’s it for?

The Job genius educational video series was designed for the Express franchise offices to collaborate with local intuitions and business, making them available to a wide array of professionals and students in the community. The goal in mind is to prepare up and coming job seekers for the workforce, pushing them in the right direction with interactive and engaging video content. As the need for nursing jobs in Portland grows tremendously, these videos have become more crucial than ever.

What can I learn?

There’s an abundant amount of tips to pick up from Job Genius. Viewers have the opportunity to learn about the future of the job market, how to locate job opportunities, and more. Even planning for an interview or ways to develop a strong resume is included within the series. Anyone looking to join one of the successful nursing agencies in Portland like Express Healthcare should definitely take time to brush up on the content provided by Job Genius.

Why is it effective?

It’s engaging. It’s good content. It’s informative. There are a variety of reasons why the Job Genius series is effective, but most importantly they work because they are detailed and accurate. The information provided within Job Genius is drafted from the leading industry professionals who know just how overwhelming the job search can be. The staffer of nursing jobs knows just as well and promotes these videos because of it.

Will it help me get a job?

That’s really all up to you! Anybody can get a job, but with the proper training and dedication, hard workers can get the best jobs. Taking time to indulge in Express’ Job Genius video series will not only help to streamline your job search experience, but also help you learn about things that could benefit you in all types of career scenarios. Whether it comes down to finding the perfect position in a prominent clinic or deciding on a number of nursing jobs in Portland, OR, these videos will aid you in any circumstance.

Now Go Start Your Career!

If you’re truly interested in receiving assistance from one of the top Portland nurse agencies like Express Healthcare, then start with watching the Job Genius series! The loads of information provided will have you ready for any interview with the Express Healthcare team at the nurse agency. As stated above by the travel nurse agency the videos are informative, engaging, and just overall filled with great content. So don’t miss out!

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