Being a team player is important for success in just about any field, but when it comes to nursing, it’s critical. A solid nursing unit can make a difference in not only the workplace itself but also in the lives of their patients. If you want to learn how to be a team player in the field of nursing, find out below:

#1 Be a Shoulder to Lean On

Since you chose a career in nursing, it’s probably fair to say that you have a gift for showing concern and compassion for your patients. But you may also know what it’s like to need encouragement and support when you’ve given your patients all you’ve got. When other nurses on your team are exhausted, frustrated, or overwhelmed, be a friendly shoulder. Your team members will do the same for you if they feel that you’re a safe place to fall.

#2 Be a Good Influence

Your words and actions carry more weight than you know. Whenever you can, model the appropriate response to tough situations. Show your team members what empathy looks like as you care for your patients. When you hear criticism, don’t join in, but rather respond with grace. It’s tough to be “on” all the time, but your team will be all the better for it.

#3 Be Optimistic

Nothing brings a team down faster than negativity. For the sake of the team morale, try to stay optimistic. Although it might be hard to muster at the end of a long day, your optimism may be the breath of fresh air that a coworker needs to get through their shift.

#4 Be Open to Change

Positive change comes when team members keep an open mind. If one of your team members comes up with a new idea, don’t squelch the opportunity to improve by letting fear of change win. Instead, come together and support each other. Work toward a common goal of becoming a better team than you were yesterday.

#5 Be a Good Communicator

Communication is key. An open dialogue with the members of your unit is critical to fostering trust. It’s also critical to quality patient care. Whether you’re conveying urgent info to your team at the end of the shift or speaking up when you feel unheard, communication is a must. Want to be a true team player? Commit to better communication with those in your unit.

Soft skills are an important aspect of not only the efficiency but also the morale of any team. Don’t wait another day to put these team player tips to work!