Most of us desire a career that will not only be fulfilling but also financially rewarding. It’s rare to find an option that offers both, but a career in medicine seems to be one of the few. Below, we’ve compiled the 5 most compelling reasons to choose a career in the healthcare field.

#1 Job Security

There’s no question that the healthcare industry is growing. In fact, the field of medicine boasts six out of the ten fastest-growing jobs in the US (Bureau of Labor Statistics). And when your chosen industry is booming, you can enjoy the security of knowing that your job is in high demand.

#2 Free Education Opportunities

Working in the healthcare field can be a lucrative choice when it comes to your education. Opportunities for degree-program reimbursement or even student loan payment in exchange for years of commitment in a given position are relatively commonplace. If you’re looking to pay down some debt or get another certification or degree under your belt, the healthcare field is a solid career choice.

#3 Good Pay

Due to high and ever-increasing demand, you can expect competitive pay in the healthcare field. And since there are so many well-paying positions that don’t require advanced degrees, you can expect to make good money no matter where you start. 

#4 Flexibility

Healthcare jobs are in demand virtually anywhere you go. From small towns to big cities, you’re sure to be able to find a job that makes good use of your education, skills, and experience. This means that you won’t end up trapped in a dead-end job. You’re free to live where you want or move at the drop of a dime without sacrificing your career.

#5 Fulfillment in Helping Others

Last but certainly not least, most people pursue a career in healthcare because they want to make a difference. When you spend your day caring for others, you can walk away from work knowing that you’ve helped ease someone’s suffering. Most professionals in the work world can’t say that. Despite how hard it can be to sacrifice yourself in the care of others, it’s exactly what makes a career in the healthcare field so rewarding.

The Bottom Line

You will spend the majority of your adult life at work. Why not choose a career that will reward you in more ways than one?