Entering the medical profession generally requires several years of extensive education. But now it’s time to interview for a position you’ve worked so hard to attain. During the interview, you must project a professional demeanor and show potential employers how well you know your stuff. So how do you prepare? A healthcare employment agency in Tualatin, OR is sharing its top 5 tips for prepping for an interview in the medical field! 

Tip #1: Research the Position 

Before your meeting, do as much research as possible on the position you are applying for. You should be able to find out the job requirements ahead of time through the organization’s human resources department by requesting a comprehensive job description. Knowing this will allow you to adapt your answers to the medical specialty job you’re applying for. 

Tip #2: Research the Organization 

Before you go, get to know the medical practice or healthcare organization and its guiding principles. Learn about a medical practice’s background, specialties, and patient categories, for example. If you’re applying for a laboratory or research job, find out what the firm is currently working on and what new studies it has planned. A lot of this data may be found on the company’s website. You may also search for articles that discuss the organization or its leaders online. 

Tip #3: Mock Interviews 

Consider participating in mock interviews with friends, family members, or others who have interviewing experience. Ask them to give you feedback on your interview answers and style of communication. This will help you become more comfortable speaking about yourself and your interests, education, and work history, as well as verbalizing what makes you a great candidate for their specific job. 

Tip # 4: Practice Your Answers 

Practice your answers to the interview questions you expect to be asked such as your take on changes in the healthcare profession or your thoughts on patient advocacy. If possible, write down at least three responses for each question that demonstrate your expertise and strengths for the role. Start with these talking points and build on them if necessary, during in-person conversations. 

Tip #5: Letters of Reference 

In addition to your resume, you may be asked to provide letters of reference from previous employers, professors, or others in the medical industry. Make sure to have at least two professional references readily available to give to your interviewer and tell your references ahead of time that they may be contacted by the organization.  

With these five tips in mind, you should be well on your way to facing the next medical job interview! Remember, a great attitude and confidence go a long way when you’re working in the medical field. For more information on healthcare jobs in your area, contact Express Healthcare Professionals today! 

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