Nursing Agencies in Portland OR

If you are looking for amazing career opportunities, Express Healthcare Professionals is one of the top nursing agencies in Portland, OR, helping individuals find only the best healthcare jobs and RN jobs in the area. The agency offers a variety of healthcare jobs that they would like to discuss with you!

CNA Positions

If you have a compassionate and patient personality, a CNA role may be the healthcare job for you. A CNA provides the basic care to patients within a doctor’s office, hospital, or other healthcare facilities and follow the instructions of an RN. Most CNAs have an extensive skill set including great communication, being able to observe and stay alert, time management, and being organized. Portland nursing agencies offer many CNA positions as the job is necessary in helping the patient’s stay in the hospital or appointment at the doctor’s office to be a comfortable and great experience.

RN Jobs

The role of an RN is to take care of the patients by watching and reporting their symptoms and vitals plus keeping a great report record in the hospital. In the doctor’s office, they keep the patient’s aware of how to prevent a disease, vaccinations, and other education within the health area. They also help prepare the patient for any exams and treatments before the appointment with the doctor. RN jobs are for those who have a social personality and can work great with others when solving a problem and coming up with a solution. If you think this job is for you, nursing agencies in Portland can help you find the best RN job that is available.

Respiratory Therapist

Many respiratory therapists work in hospitals and provide care to patients within the intensive care unit. They help with patients who have suffered from heart attacks, strokes, or other emergencies. They also take care of newborn or premature babies who are having respiratory difficulties. They also work with patients who have chronic lung diseases. If you have compassion for people, pay attention to detail, have patience, and are great with science and math, this job could possibly be for you!

Express Healthcare Professionals is one of the top nursing agencies that should be considered if you just finished nursing school or completed and passed a certification for a specific healthcare job, and you need to find RN jobs in Portland, OR, or a different position quickly. The team will be glad to provide amazing nursing jobs and great opportunities for nursing careers in Portland and surrounding areas to you. Express Healthcare will put you either in contract positions, direct-hire positions, or per diem positions which means on a day to day basis.

Express Healthcare Professionals in Tualatin, OR is one of the top Full-Service Nursing Agencies that progressively surpasses expectations by placing clinical staff in per diem and contract positions throughout the Greater Portland area and across the nation.

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